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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

* Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com> [030908 10:01]:
> Are you saying that parties to German contracts aren't required to have
> the legal capacity to enter into contracts?  Are they binding against
> infants?  Somehow, I rather doubt it.

I don't know the law, but think there are some restrictions for
contracts to be valid, but I heared the German law has the term
contract on quite a lower basis. I was told, that in an typical
sale there are several contracts involved: The contract about
the sale itself, which binds the persons to doing the rest. The 
changing of the ownership of the good (Normaly done in the moment
the good is handed by one person to the other). And the contract
done by paying. (if it's cash. Don't want to know how many contracts
are in place with more complicated things). I wouldn't be supprised
if the offer to sell something by putting a price tag at it or
advertising it in some form was also a binding contract...

  Bernhard R. Link

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