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Re: Changing a license of a unmaintained software

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 13:49, Mathieu Roy wrote:
> > Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <edmundo@rano.org> a tapot?? :
> > > A signature made with a secret key that was published on Usenet can
> > > hardly be a valid proof of anything.
> > 
> > In some countries like in France  it's truly accepted in court like a
> > valid proof, you just have to follow some rules. I don't think the
> > France is an exception in this matter.
> > 
> This is true in the UK as well.

Not surprising, since both the UK and France had to implement
EU Directive 1999/93/EG. This directive says, basically, that
any 'advanced electronic signature' based on a qualified
certificate and generated using a secure device shall be treated 
the same as a signature in ink on paper.

My reading of the Directive is that it only applies if you
use a secure smartcard and some TTP like a notary public is involved.



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