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Re: Changing a license of a unmaintained software

Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org>:

> But to avoid any delicate issue in the future, if I were you, if would
> ask him to confirm with a gpg signed email the license change (just an
> email is something easy to fake).

Getting him to sign the e-mail with his own key won't help much in the
case of him later claiming that the e-mail isn't genuine: he could at
any time "accidently" publish his secret key and revoke it; now anyone
can fake the e-mail. A better solution is to do everything in public
so that there are lots of witnesses.

> In some countries, it's accepted as
> a valid proof of the origin of the email.

A signature made with a secret key that was published on Usenet can
hardly be a valid proof of anything.


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