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Re: free source code which requires non-free tools to build (dscaler modules for tvtime)

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 03:08:59PM -0400, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I discussed this situation with the upstream author of tvtime, and I would
> appreciate confirmation on a few points:
> 1. Can the binary DLLs go in contrib?  The source code is free, but requires
> non-free tools (for Windows) in order to build.  I believe this is the same
> situation that openoffice.org is in (which is in contrib), but I would
> appreciate a second opinion.

As I understand it, you're correct.  If a DFSG-free work has non-free
dependencies OR build-dependencies, it cannot go in main, but it can go
into contrib.  It should not go into non-free if the work itself is

> 2. If the DLLs are included in contrib, I assume that the package must
> include the corresponding source code for GPL compliance, even though it
> cannot be built on Debian, and would not be touched during the package build
> process.  Is this correct?

I believe the GNU GPL requires this, yes.

> 3. tvtime currently distributes its source code together with these binary
> modules in a single distribution tarball.  I assume this needs to be split
> up into separate source packages for main and contrib, so that tvtime itself
> can build a binary package for main.  Is this correct?

I believe you're also correct on this point.

* That which is in main must be entirely DFSG-free;
* That which is in main must be buildable and usable solely with
  packages also in main (IOW, main is a "closure");
* The GNU GPL requires that the source code corresponding to the compiled
  form of a work be provided along with the compiled form, or a written
  offer, good for three years, must be extended to the recipient of the
  compiled form.

A split of the tvtime upstream distribution is necessary no matter what;
but as I understand it, the bit that would go into contrib could be
omitted entirely.  I presume the maintainer wants to go ahead and
provide the contrib components as a service to our users.

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