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free source code which requires non-free tools to build (dscaler modules for tvtime)

tvtime is a high-quality television application for use with video capture
cards, which builds, runs and works on Debian, licensed under the GPL.
Simon Law has filed an ITP (#171480).

DScaler is a similar piece of software for Windows platforms, also licensed
under the GPL.

tvtime borrows some source code directly from DScaler, as some of its
modules have been ported to build and run under Linux.  This is business as
usual, and obviously all of this stuff can go in main.

However, there are some additional source code modules in DScaler which have
not (yet?) been ported to build and run under Linux.  These are also useful
for tvtime, and it can make use of them by loading them in binary (DLL) form
using WINE.

I discussed this situation with the upstream author of tvtime, and I would
appreciate confirmation on a few points:

1. Can the binary DLLs go in contrib?  The source code is free, but requires
non-free tools (for Windows) in order to build.  I believe this is the same
situation that openoffice.org is in (which is in contrib), but I would
appreciate a second opinion.

2. If the DLLs are included in contrib, I assume that the package must
include the corresponding source code for GPL compliance, even though it
cannot be built on Debian, and would not be touched during the package build
process.  Is this correct?

3. tvtime currently distributes its source code together with these binary
modules in a single distribution tarball.  I assume this needs to be split
up into separate source packages for main and contrib, so that tvtime itself
can build a binary package for main.  Is this correct?

 - mdz

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