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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Le ven 29/08/2003 à 11:17, Mathieu Roy a écrit :
> > You and some other Debian developers have said this, but you do not
> > speak for all Debian developers any more than I do.  You are trying to
> > persuade them, and I am too.  I expect that eventually they will vote
> > on a decision.
> And according to the Debian Social Contract #4, Debian "priorities are
> [Debian] users and Free Software".
> Not only the developers point of view would be interesting, but also
> "the needs of [Debian] users" (don't they like the Emacs
> manual?) should be studied.

If providing any sort of crap we can was a service to our users, there
wouldn't be any DFSG.
We believe providing a non-free manual is a disservice to our users. If
they can't modify it freely, and can't put it on their encrypted
filesystem, we feel it is not suitable for them.

> Not to mention the fact that many contributors to Debian (translators
> for instance) are not considered officially as Debian developers,
> which makes Debian voting system awkward, especially about
> documentation. 

There hasn't been any general vote for that, there is probably no need
for it. Readers of this list (not only developers) have stated their
strong belief that the GFDL does not follow the DFSG. If any vote is
needed, it will be to exempt documentation from following the DFSG,
which requires a general resolution.

> So even a Debian developers's vote is probably not enough to make that
> decision. Sure, normally Debian developers *should* understand what is
> the best for Debian users but from what I rode on that list, it's not
> sure at all for several of them.

I believe the FSF is not in a situation where they can talk about the
best for our users, when they prominently advocate the use of invariant
sections, and spread misinformation about non-free software we

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