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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Le mer 27/08/2003 à 18:42, Richard Stallman a écrit :
>     You are correct that Debian has not yet voted on whether or not to allow
>     GFDLd works into its distribution. The consensus of debian-legal is that
>     works under the GFDL does not meet the DFSG.
> I hope that the Debian developers will vote to include GFDL-covered
> manuals in Debian.  Whatever Debian decides, some amount of cooperation
> ought to be possible between the GNU Project and Debian.

You are asking for one-way cooperation. We have stated many times why we
don't want GFDL'ed documents in Debian, and you imply that we need to
change our minds, and you don't need to change your license.

That's not the way things work. You are free not to change your license,
and we are free to drop your documents if we feel your license is not

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