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Re: Documentation and Sarge's Release Critical Policy

Le mer 27/08/2003 à 05:45, Nathanael Nerode a écrit :
> Jerome Marant said:
> >Software in Debian is 100% free. It doesn't prevent Debian to
> >distribute something else than software.
> >From this sentence, I see that you are not fluent in English.
> ("It doesn't prevent Debian from distributing something other than 
> software" would be correct.)
> Perhaps this is in fact the source of your confusion.  The phrase
> "Debian will remain 100% Free Software", interpreted by a fluent English 
> speaker, means one of the following:
> 100% of Debian is (and will remain) "Free Software"
> Debian is (and will remain) "Software", and that Software is "100% Free"
> Practically, the difference between these is not significant, although the 
> second interpretation is a little bizarre.
> Your interpretation is:
> 100% of the Software in Debian will remain Free
> That's simply not a correct interpretation.  However, I could understand if 
> someone who was not fluent in English misinterpreted it that way.

Then you are also asserting that Jérôme is not fluent in French either.
The translated clause writes as:
« Debian demeurera un ensemble logiciel totalement libre. »
This sentence is perfectly clear, and can not be read as:
« L'ensemble des logiciels dans Debian demeureront totalement libres. »

However, I believe Jérôme can read correctly and is not stupid; maybe he
said that on purpose, and wants the social contract to be changed.
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