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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

> Yes, of course. And while copyright _really_, not formally,
> affects only professional distributors, there was little or no
> problem with copyright. Problems begins, when copyright grow so
> large, that it affect the rights and interests of users and authors.

I don't understand how copyright has grown? It's always been about the
rights and interests of authors - that's theoritically who the 
copyright law is for. It still doesn't affect pure users. It just
happens that during the duration of copyright law it's gone from 
a time when copying a book meant owning a printing press, to running 
off a few copies at Kinko's, to making an unlimited number of 
copies effortlessly* and cheaply from your computer.

* The first copy may be difficult - though easier then ever, but
the next 10,000 are a breeze.

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