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Re: Documentation and Sarge's Release Critical Policy

Jerome Marant said:
>Software in Debian is 100% free. It doesn't prevent Debian to
>distribute something else than software.

>From this sentence, I see that you are not fluent in English.
("It doesn't prevent Debian from distributing something other than 
software" would be correct.)

Perhaps this is in fact the source of your confusion.  The phrase
"Debian will remain 100% Free Software", interpreted by a fluent English 
speaker, means one of the following:
100% of Debian is (and will remain) "Free Software"

Debian is (and will remain) "Software", and that Software is "100% Free"

Practically, the difference between these is not significant, although the 
second interpretation is a little bizarre.

Your interpretation is:
100% of the Software in Debian will remain Free
That's simply not a correct interpretation.  However, I could understand if 
someone who was not fluent in English misinterpreted it that way.

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