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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

    Now, the World Wide Web exists.  And the FSF has its own website.
    Anyone who looks at the attribution of any FSF program or manual
    can probably find the website.  People who have never seen an FSF
    program or manual can find the website, too.  The website will
    always contain the GNU Manifesto, unmodified, regardless of the
    actions of distributors.

    In other words, what happens to the local copies simply isn't as
    important as it used to be.

These facts have not prevented the open source movement from quite
effectively covering up what we stand for, and our movement's very
existence.  They cannot make any specific person forget, but they
have led most US journalists to deny our existence, so that
most people never find out about us.  We need every method of
informing them that we can get.

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