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Re: Legal status of software licences

Op ma 25-08-2003, om 16:38 schreef Aigars Mahinovs:
> Hello all
> I am reading a document by OSDL, namely:
> http://www.osdl.org/docs/osdl_eben_moglen_position_paper.pdf
> On the third page I read that copyright doesn't limit use of the
> product. That the only legal barier to usage of comercial software is
> the click trough licence agreement or contracts behind shrinkwrap.
> First, is this true?
> If it is then I can imagine such scenario:
> Hacker A opens the shrinkwrap, and hacks install to disable the licence
> agreement and the serial number
> Developer B download the resulting install from Donkey and burns a CD
> User C gets the CD as a present (or buys it) from B and installs the
> programm
> Is C doing anything illegal in this case?

No, C isn't, but A and B may well be doing illegal things, depending on
the license.

IANAL, though; I could be wrong.

Wouter Verhelst
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