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Re: Legal status of software licences

You hold the gun and I'll pull the trigger while wearing a blindfold,
then neither of us will be convicted of murder.  Won't work.  The law
is not a computer program.  There's this thing called "intent."  And
"conspiracy", and "guilty as charged", and "punitive fines", and
"jail" ...

If C knows (or has good reason to suspect) that the software he got
from B is an unauthorized copy then he is contributing to the illegal
act, and would likely be liable.  It is like "receiving stolen goods"
in the non-digital world.

Microsoft has "how to recognize an authorized copy of MS Windows"
blurbs all over place explaining how their holograms and seals are
supposed to look.  They do this in part so courts will find it less
plausible when someone defends themselves by claiming to have been
unaware that some particular copy of Wondows wasn't authorized.

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