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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

O Luns, 25 de Agosto de 2003 ás 13:35:21 +0900, Fedor Zuev escribía:

> 	Documentation in not a software. There is no any one-way
> transformation from the source to the binary. All problems with
> distribution and modification of documents is a legal, not technical
> problems.

 That doesn't matter. To make a derivative of some program, you would
normally need some human-readable source code. To make a derivative of a
manual (for example, a translation or a summary), you only need the text.

> 	At the very least, if you can read the document, you always,
> technically, can OCR it. An experience shows, that, if you should
> not care about legal requirements (because you has the right from
> license, you OCR public domain or, simply, you do not care about a
> law), it takes no more than 24-48 man\hours to completely OCR a
> large 500-700pages book.  And there always will bee volunteers to do
> that.

 What are you trying to rebute from my "clause" with it? It is more or less
my reasoning: you can translate the book having only a hardcopy of it. Well,
it is even standard practice. If you want to actually modify it -- well, you
may either OCR it, or you may ask the publisher for a modifiable soft copy
of the book.



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