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Re: Is the GNU FDL a DFSG-free license?

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Keith Dunwoody wrote:

KD>Well, consider the following:  Invariant sections are only
KD>allowed to be material which does not talk about the "main" topic
KD>of the work.  However, encyclopedias are books which
KD>(theoretically anyway) are about _everything_.  All topics are
KD>the "main" topic.  So, no text from a document licensed under the
KD>GFDL which contained an invariant section could be included in an
KD>encyclopedia, since the invariant section would now be part of
KD>the "main"  discussion.  Hence, the GFDL restricts a document
KD>from being used in the "specific field of endevour" of
KD>encyclopedia making, failing DFSG 6.

	Main topic of encyclopedia (the whole work) is an
explanation about words for user's education ad information. If
invariant section in document is not contain any explanation of
words for user's education (they, usually, is not), it is not
restrict work from inclusion in encyclopedia.

	And, btw, I doubt that this issue has any relevance to the

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