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Re: Is the GNU FDL a DFSG-free license?

Joerg Wendland wrote:
Matthew Garrett, on 2003-08-22, 13:09, you wrote:
If Emacs had an invarient section discussing fishing and how this had
inspired the authoring of the manual, it would be awkward for me to
use chunks in my document on an application for recording fishing
statistics. And if you say "But why would you want to do that" then I'll
scream because that's entirely not the point.

But this _is_ the point. You cannot blame the author of the manual if it
will be awkward for _you_ because this is entirely your problem.

Well, consider the following: Invariant sections are only allowed to be material which does not talk about the "main" topic of the work. However, encyclopedias are books which (theoretically anyway) are about _everything_. All topics are the "main" topic. So, no text from a document licensed under the GFDL which contained an invariant section could be included in an encyclopedia, since the invariant section would now be part of the "main" discussion. Hence, the GFDL restricts a document from being used in the "specific field of endevour" of encyclopedia making, failing DFSG 6.

-- Keith

(Just thought I'd try and add another section of the DFSG that GFDL fails...)

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