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Re: Should our documentation be free?

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> There clearly is a difference, otherwise we wouldn't need two words
>> for the concept.
> Umm, the presence of synonyms is not necesarily proof of a
> difference. 

Heh. Ignore my statement. It's not particularly brilliant.[1]

> If you feel so strongly that software, data, and documentation are
> distinct, would you adress the two cases I have posted here?
> (http://www.stdc.com/QMS/documentation being one, where if the
> documentation can be separated from the code; the other is the case
> of hte xml file that serves, in turn as documentation, data, and
> code) 

Perhaps I'm being obtuse.

I'm not saying that we can always distinguish software from
documentation. In the above statement, I was just merely trying to
indicate that documentation could be distinct from software. Yet, the
fact that it could be distinct doesn't mean that it always is, or that
we can easily draw such a distinction in cases like you mention (the
documentation=data=code example.)

And yes, your mail is getting out. [Even though my mail wasn't getting
in for a while. ;=)]

Don Armstrong

1: Yes, I naively ignored synonyms... although, even synonyms often
have slightly different connotations.
Fate and Temperament are two words for one and the same concept.
 -- Novalis [Hermann Hesse _Demian_]


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