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Re: Advice on DFSG status of this licence

Le mer 20/08/2003 à 04:13, Brian T. Sniffen a écrit :
> > The only bit I'm unsure of is the last sentence. Does it mean we can't 
> > refer to it as the "RIPE whois server"?

> The last sentence just means that "Install Debian GNU/Hurd, with the
> RIPE Whois Server!" shouldn't show up on our posters.  It's verging on
> non-free, violating DFSG 9, but this minor effect has been tolerated
> for authors paranoid of exploitation before.

As I read it, "Install Debian GNU/Hurd, with the RIPE Whois Server!"
would be allowed, while "Install Debian GNU/Hurd, with software from
John B. Root!" wouldn't.
Which sounds quite reasonable.
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