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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

Richard Braakman wrote:

I would recommend this book if the compiler were free :-)

I'm not claiming that the *book* is software; it's quite hard, as
I found out when I dropped it on my foot.  But its source code
certainly is.

I agree, source code is still program, even if it is printed in the book. Documentation is still documentation even if it is loaded in computer memory and processed by TeX. The main difference is, that instructions and commands in program are not only for human, they are also for PC. "Instructions" and "commands" in documenation are for human.

They can be mixed, of course, as book can contain text and images.
TeX document have special instructions for computer, how it should process the text. Programs have comments which are for human.
Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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