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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

On Sat, Aug 16, 2003 at 03:07:37AM +0900, Fedor Zuev wrote:
> 	For example GFDL, unlike any free software licences,
> specifically grant to user the rights for publicly display licenced
> work and right to translate it. For the software, these rights not
> exist as separate exclusive rights, or almost useless. But for the
> documentation, as well as for artistic works these rights may be
> essential, especially right of translation. Why you think that
> grant these rights is "less free" than not grant it?

What are you blathering about? I can recall nobody making the argument
that this renders the GFDL non-free, or that it is even relevant.

> Modern society cannot exist anyway without citations.

Nonsense. And you're confusing "quote" with "cite".

> 	For literary works may not and, IMAO, should not exist the
> freedom to "fix" the political or social views of the original
> author, in the other words - freedom for censorship someone's else
> work.

Sure, I'll go along with that for the sake of making this point:
Who cares? This has got nothing to do with Debian. Even if this
statement is true, it is by definition irrelevant to Debian, which
does not exist to distribute literary works, political, or social

> 	Maybe. But there also another element in the picture. For
> GFDL. This is a not a random package from the random source with the
> random licence. This is a licence from Stallman, the inventor of the
> term "free software" and creator of the free software movement.

And the creator of the evil non-free GFDL, which purports to be a free
documentation license but is really a scheme to force his views on

> There is no reason to think that Stallman is an idiot and can not
> see these semi-trivial arguments, presented here against GFDL.

He has said, here, that he will not discuss them with us because we
do not consider the GFDL to be free.

> 	Same for RFCs. It is the root of the Internet,

More nonsense.

> which, in
> order, is the material root of the many most valuable modern
> freedoms.

And again.

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