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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

Fedor Zuev said:
> 	For example GFDL, unlike any free software licences,
> specifically grant to user the rights for publicly display licenced
> work and right to translate it. For the software, these rights not
> exist as separate exclusive rights, or almost useless. But for the
> documentation, as well as for artistic works these rights may be
> essential, especially right of translation. Why you think that
> grant these rights is "less free" than not grant it?

The GFDL does not grant the right of translation for the work.  It grants
the right of translation only for the non-invariant sections.  You can not
remove large blocks of English text from a Russian translation of the GNU
Emacs manual.

In contrast, you can translate a {document,program,other work} licensed
under the GPL, in its entirety.


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