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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Keith Dunwoody wrote:

KD>> 	But let it be:
KD>> -----------
KD>> If the package gets extra input information as a part of using it
KD>> _and_ a result substantially[*] varies, depending this input
KD>> information _and_ these variations at least partially controlled by
KD>> statements in package[**] - package is a software.
KD>> [*] substantially depends - depends hard enough for at least some

KD>So the multitude of "Hello World" programs arn't software?

	Exactly. hello-*.deb distributed in Debian for
documentation purposes, not as software. As in any other similar

KD>Benchmarks arn't software?

	No. Benchmarks are software. They are get information from
tested|benchmarked hardware. Not a usual source of information for a
program, but still input.

	Even an input from random numbers generator is still an

KD>Your definition seems to differ from standard usage.

	What is the standard usage?

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