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Re: Fw: [argouml-dev] Licence issue (debian in particular)

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 09:33:50AM +0200, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> * You acknowledge that Software is not designed, licensed or intended for
> * use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear
> * facility.

This seems to fail DFSG#6: No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor.

(I don't quite understand the wording; it's as if they're saying "you're
licensed to do this; acknowledge that you're not licensed to do this".

> >This is a confidential communication and is intended only for the addressee
> >indicated in the message (or duly authorised to be responsible for the
> >delivery of the message to such person). You are specifically prohibited
> >from copying this message or delivering the same, or any part thereof, to
> >any other person, whomsoever or howsoever, unless you receive written
> >authorisation from us to do. If you are anyone other than the intended
> >addressee, or person duly authorised and responsible for the delivery of
> >this message to the intended addressee, you should destroy this message 
> >and notify us immediately. Please note that we accept no responsibility
> >whatsoever in the event that this message or any other email message or 
> >any part thereof becomes known or is communicated to anyone other than the 
> >intended recipient or other person authorised in writing by us to receive
> >it, howsoever arising and disclaim all liability for any losses or damage
> >which may be sustained by any person as a result thereof.

Snarl, hiss.

Glenn Maynard

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