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Re: PHP-Nuke License Conclusion?

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Nick Phillips wrote: 
> I would assert, though, that it is possible to phrase one's
> construction such that it is not reasonable to argue about it. 

Sure. I think most of us would agree that an unequivocally proper
phrasing of such a construction is to rewrite the entire license.
There may be less strenuous proper phrasings, but I can't think of one
that addresses all of my concerns.

> It would then follow that the question becomes "where do we draw the
> line?"

I think that's something that we will have to broach for each license
that we discuss, until we get a good feel for it. I'd gather that most
of us agree with additions that grant permisions, but a few of us are
wary of additions that add restrictions. [I think some of the
discussion regarding mplayer bears this out.]

Don Armstrong

Three little words. (In decending order of importance.)
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