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Re: PHP-Nuke License Conclusion?

Don Armstrong said:
> On Thu, 22 May 2003, Nick Phillips wrote:
>> I would assert, though, that it is possible to phrase one's
>> construction such that it is not reasonable to argue about it.
> Sure. I think most of us would agree that an unequivocally proper
> phrasing of such a construction is to rewrite the entire license.
> There may be less strenuous proper phrasings, but I can't think of one
> that addresses all of my concerns.

And, in fact, that rewritten license should be what's in
/usr/share/doc/packagename/copyright, not the GNU GPL.

The copyright file should have the license that applies to the work.  Not a
"read the copyright file and apply this patch" statement in the README file
(or worse, in about.html on the author's website, or in an email message)


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