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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)

Scripsit Jérôme Marant <jerome.marant@free.fr>
> En réponse à James Troup <james@nocrew.org>:

> > Wow! You're so right! Let's get rid of this silly DFSG thing and move
> > all software to main, it'd be so much more convenient from a user
> > point of view!!  Yeesh.

> I'm talking about documentation which comes with free software from
> GNU.

Apparently the fact that the documentation "comes with free software"
does not imply that the documentation *itself* is free. In actuality
the documentation you are referring to *is* not free. Do you really
argue that it is OK for non-free documentation to be in main, if only
the software it documents is free?

Henning Makholm                          "What has it got in its pocketses?"

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