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Re: various opinions on Debian vs the GFDL

On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 10:03 AM, Anthony Towns wrote:

you should be able to do a
text representation of a FFT or something, I would've thought. Long,
and ugly, but editable as text,

That's no better than a hex dump of the PCM data. It's not any more editable in a text editor (possibly, quite less) than a hex dump of an ELF object. _Technically_ it's editable. Practically, it's not --- and that's what matters for the GFDL.

 and satisfying the terms of the GNU FDL
as far as I can see.

"...suitable for revising the document STRAIGHTFORWARDLY with generic text editors..."

Even editing MIDI-esque XML with a text editor wouldn't be all that straightforward.

They allow images to be edited with image editors; drawings to be edited with drawing programs; text files to be edited with text editors; why not sounds with sound editors?

And, what about video? Are we supposed to edit that with text editors, too?

I'm not claiming anyone would /want/ to distribute sound this way, but the
fact that you /can/ means this doesn't make GNU FDL docs non-free, IMO.

Making people jump through unreasonable hoops to modify a document isn't, IMO, free.

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