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Source Code of Music (was: various opinions on Debian vs the GFDL)

Hi folks,

On Mittwoch 07 Mai 2003 18:58, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 10:03 AM, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > you should be able to do a
> > text representation of a FFT or something, I would've
> > thought. Long, and ugly, but editable as text,
> That's no better than a hex dump of the PCM data. It's not any
> more editable in a text editor (possibly, quite less) than a
> hex dump of an ELF object. _Technically_ it's editable.
> Practically, it's not --- and that's what matters for the

I am making music with Soundtracker. It essentially mixes small 
samples into one big sample which can either be played live or 
dumped into a WAV file.

For such a WAV recording made with Soundtracker, the source code 
would be the so-called "module", which is a file consisting of 
two parts:

 * the scores and other setup that tells Soundtacker how to mix
   the samples together (useless without the samples) (very
   small, can be gzipped to 1-2 KB) and

 * the sample data (you can think of it as WAV files)

So the problem here is that the source code of sample data is 
more sample data. These samples might again require their 
sources, and so the resulting tree could be enormous.

This is why I think that licenses of free music recordings should 
not require the distribution of their source code at all.


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