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Re: Bug#189164: libdbd-mysql-perl uses GPL lib, may be used by GPL-incompatible apps

On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 01:50 AM, Branden Robinson wrote:

Or are you wanting to restrict the problem domain to cases where an
interface innovated in a GPLed library hasn't been cloned yet?

	1) Library GPLLib is under the GPL
	2) Perl module Iface provides an interface to various implementations
	   of similar features, and the user selects which implementation to
	3) Perl modules PM uses GPLLib to implement Iface
	4) Perl program P is under a GPL-incompatible license

    Is is permissible for P to use PM through Iface?

I argue "yes" because I don't see how P could _possibly_ be held to be a derived worked of GPLLib, and thus is not subject to the GPLs restrictions.

I further argue that if the answer is "no", there is no good reason to say changing the language from perl to shell script should matter, and thus no GPL-incompatibly licensed program can use GNU grep, ls, etc.

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