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Re: JpGraph License Question [From the author]

JpGraph <jpgraph@aditus.nu> writes:

> * to guarantee that it stays free and that the library is not
>   re-packaged and then sold by some other companies.

If by "free" you mean "available at no cost", then free software isn't
for you.  Free software is about *freedom*, not a near-zero price.

One very important freedom is the freedom to package the thing up and
sell copies.  If you want to prohibit that freedom, then you want
something which is antithetical to free software.

>   Those companies using my library are able to save a lot of
>   developing-time/cost and it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that
>   they would pay a small license fee which would allow me to
>   continue to develop and support the library.

It's not unreasonable to request, but free software is precisely about
them having the freedom to copy the software without restrictions.


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