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Re: JpGraph License Question [From the author]

Hi again,

Yes you are probably right. The whole license thing is rather murky.

May I ask you for some advice?  

My goal with some kind of license setup for JpGraph is

* have a clear no-nonsense license

* to make the library free for all open source users

* to guarantee that it stays free and that the library is not re-packaged and 
   then sold by some other companies.

* to be able to have some means of revenue (otherwise I wouldn't be able to   
  develop the library). There are some rather large SW houses that uses
  my library in their products and even if I'm a very strong believer in
  public/open/available/free-source I don't necessary think it should be free
  as in "free-beer". When I go to my local, (which I know very well), I don't
  expect him to give me my beer for free. 

  Those companies using my library 
  are able to save a lot of developing-time/cost and it doesn't seem   
  unreasonable to me that they would pay a small license fee which would allow 
  me to continue to develop and support the library.

The current setup with standard vs. pro-license is definitely not ideal
but so far is the only thing I have been able to come up with that 
seems, to sort of, work.

The only reason the pro-version exists is that if the additional features were 
included as well in the standard version there would be very few persons 
willing to purchase the license. Ethics in general doesn't seem to be that 
high. This is a comment I had from several emails. I also had my fair share 
of mails *demanding* that I send the advanced feature for free *and* give 
them any support they may need *for free' . Needless to say those mail is 
straight for the bin

Any ides to help me  make a better setup ?


On Wednesday 12 March 2003 18:19, you wrote:
> [Sent from: (cable200-75-95-52.epm.net.co)]
> Hi, please take a look at this[1] recent thread about JpGraph inclusion in
> Debian. The webpage states it is under a dual licenses, but it isn\'t true,
> opensource users using QPL get an additional restriction[2].
> I want to include JpGraph in Debian because there are some important
> programs which depend on JpGraph (sf\'s clone GForce and latest version of
> Acidlab comes to mind).
> What do you think about removing the restriction so it can be really dual
> licensed? Using GPL and JpGraph license can be a good idea too, companies
> and advanced users will always want to buy a license because they get more
> extensions which aren\'t included in standard version.
> If you need assistance about licensing issues don\'t hessitate to contact
> debian-legal@lists.debian.org. there are a lot of experts willing to help.
> Cheers,

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