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Re: ASP loophole - where is the line

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 05:08:10PM -0800, Mark Rafn wrote:
> The challenges:
> In which cases should Joe be forced to give his program to his customer?

IMO none of them: distributing software to customers is too significant
a technical burden over and above presenting the output of software
to customers.

> Without mention of a specific protocol, please try to find a definition of 
> "user" for a theoretical closure of the ASP loophole which would require 
> Joe to give his program (including source, he wants to follow the GPL) to 
> his customer.

Distributing the source just once, to a single person or group (eg, the
upstream author/development community, Debian, the FSF, a government
organisation like the patent office) and giving them rights to freely
redistribute the source effectively solves the ASP loophole too, without
imposing the technical burden that distributing to (potentially) all of
your customers would.


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