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Re: The Show So Far

Terry Hancock <hancock@anansispaceworks.com> writes:

> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 04:34 pm, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> > Right, so here's what I'll do.  I'll create a non-free derivative of
> > GNU Foo, which adds a splendid text-manipulation function that many
> > people want.  And I'll write a CGI so that people can type in text and
> > my web site will run the modified GNU Foo.  I'll charge people money
> > for this service, and never release my changes.  The original GNU Foo
> > did make its source available over the web interface, but my
> > modification does not.
> I know you meant this as a code hijacking  horror story. But I don't see 
> wrongdoing or problems with this.  By definition, you are providing the 
> computing hardware to run the above service. That costs money and is provided 
> as a service.  You have a right to charge for that alone, IMHO.

I don't think it's a horror story at all.  Have you been paying
attention to my recent posts?

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