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Re: Should the ASP loophole be fixed? (Re: The Affero license)

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 11:23:30AM -0500, Joe Moore wrote:
> * If you install MS Word on more systems than you have bought copies,
> you're violating MS copyright (according to the BSA).  If you install
> OpenOffice on the same number of systems (still internally), is it
> distribution?

If the "you" is the company -- that is, the software is licensed to the
company, then no.

If "you" are one legal entity installing OpenOffice to a machine owned
by a distinct legal entity (such as the corporation that employs you),
then I'd say yes.

Distinctions like this are less often useful with public licenses like
the GPL, in which much distribution takes place without modification,
and therefore few practical distinctions between the demands placed on
the distributor and distributee apply.

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