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Re: PHPNuke license

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, David Turner wrote:

> > > Does anyone believe the GPL unambiguously *dis*allows that
> > > interpretation?
> > 
> > I do.  2c applies to running of the program
> Please re-read (2)(c).  It restricts the *modification* of the program.

2c requires that, when modifying the program, you add behavior that
applies to running the program (specifically "when started running ...  
in the most ordinary way".  

Even if it's decided that delivering webpages is interactive use of a 
program (and I disagree with this position), it's very hard to argue that 
making a request is "running the program".  It's at most "interacting with 
a running program".
Mark Rafn    dagon@dagon.net    <http://www.dagon.net/>  

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