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Re: PHPNuke license

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 08:12:31PM -0500, Glenn Maynard wrote:

> However, PHPNuke's interpretation is broader: it insists that the blurb be
> "in the footer of each page", not just the main page.  Even if we can can't
> determine the above, can we agree that it's not a reasonable interpretation
> to apply it to the output of each page (akin to outputting the blurb for
> every command issued to gdb)?

I agree that this is not a reasonable interpretation of the GPL, and that
it is not DFSG-free.

> I'm not sure where we could go from there; asking them to change it to only
> the main page is pointless if that's 1: still ambiguous and/or 2: still of
> questionable DFSG-freeness.  Even if that's DFSG-free, it's still probably a
> bad idea to ask them to change to that if it's still a questionable
> interpretation of the GPL.

Let's see if we can build consensus around a few points.

Does anyone here hold the position that requiring the copyright notice on
the front page would not be DFSG-free, if that's a valid interpretation
of the GPL?

Does anyone believe the GPL unambiguously *dis*allows that

Does anyone believe that this interpretation is sufficiently wrong-headed
that it should not be considered valid, in spite of statements from the
copyright holder or a court ruling?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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