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Re: Xbae widget license

Op wo 05-03-2003, om 18:55 schreef Branden Robinson:
> On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 08:46:49PM +0100, Joop Stakenborg wrote:
> > I am looking into the license of the Xbae widget set, see
> > http://xbae.sourceforge.net
> Mr. Stakenborg, are you subscribed to debian-legal?

Yes I am. I have just browsed through all the mails and was about to
reply to some of them.

> You've received several replies, and I think everyone who has replied is
> pretty much on the same page; the license is worded the same as other
> DFSG-free licenses in use, but to avoid a University of Washington
> situation, it would be wise to get clarification from the copyright
> holder on one ambiguous construction.

I will try to get some clarification on the Xbae mailing list. To be
safe, I will ask about:

- Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this material for any
  purpose and without fee is hereby granted.


- the name of any author not be used in advertising or publicity

> However, given that existing precedent holds that this license is worded
> and interpreted by licensors in a DFSG-free manner, I would say it's
> safe to upload to main until and unless the copyright holder elects to
> apply an uncommon interpretation of the license terms.  If that turns
> out to be the case, the package could be moved to the non-free section.

I have not packaged it yet. It compiled fine on debian/unstable however
and it should be an easy job, since they use autoconf/automake. At the
moment I am unsure if I will package it if turns out to be non-free.

> Please see:
>   http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2003/debian-legal-200303/msg00134.html

Thanks for your interest and replies,

Joop <pa3aba@debian.org>

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