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Update to [mod_ldap for proftpd is now post-card licensed (proftpd 1.2.7+)]

Hi -legal folks

John changed license in 1.2.11 and released again with a full GPL
license, removing post-card condition, (he thanks for our
plain and polite management of the issue - for -legal people, 
hip hip hurrah!!! :) ).

So we could go straight with proftpd 1.2.8. The release currently
in sid will be updated as a consequence. 

The license problem unfortunately applies to woody release, also.
Maybe should we propose an update for this in r2? IMHO we could
consider to add a note in its README.Debian. Unluckily, 1.2.11 is not
functionally the same as 1.2.10, so a patch should be avoided...

Francesco P. Lovergine

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