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Re: [Discussioni] OSD && DFSG convergence

ke, 05-03-2003 kello 18:10, Russell Nelson kirjoitti:
> The boards of SPI and OSI are of the opinion (or at least have
> been) that there should be one functional definition of open source
> and free software.

http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution, section 9, "Software in the
Public Interest", subsection 9.1, "Authority", enumerated list point 1:

    SPI has no authority regarding Debian's technical or nontechnical
    decisions, except that no decision by Debian with respect to any
    property held by SPI shall require SPI to act outside its legal
    authority, and that Debian's constitution may occasionally use SPI
    as a decision body of last resort.

Thus, the opinion of the board of the SPI has no relevance for this.

The consensus of Debian developers on debian-legal seems to be that the
DFSG works well enough for Debian as a set of guidelines, and that
rewriting it as a definition instead is not a good idea. In fact I, as
others, think it is a particularly bad idea, from Debian's point of
view. I will lobby against such a change.

The OSI, on the other hand, needs a definition. There seems to be no
middle ground. I see no problem with the OSI doing their thing and
Debian doing its thing. Thus, I also see no point for this discussion to

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