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The Helixcommunity RPSL is not DFSG-free

You wrote:
> This question still remains: Can I listen and watch to RealAudio- and
> RealVideo-files with completely free software, if I install only
> RPSL-licenced software from Helix DNA?

There was a debian-legal thread about this already (see
The RPSL is not DFSG-free.  Specifically, Branden Robinson said:

  "Clause 13.7 of the RPSL violates DFSG 5.  It discriminates against people
   who are not under the jurisdiction of the United States government."

And no, nobody can play RealAudio or RealVideo with Free Software.  For
audio, I suggest using Ogg Vorbis instead.  For video Ogg Theora will
probably become the Free Software alternative.  See http://www.xiph.org/ for
more info on the Ogg family of codecs.

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