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Re: License of ROOT: acceptable for non-free?

> Being unable to not fix security issues in a timely manner is a Bad
> Thing.  We should not support, endorse or otherwise support such
> software.  Not even in non-free (which is not part of Debian proper).

Just in case there's some confusion about the type of package, I believe "root"
is a C++ based scientific analysis package, a replacement for the older Fortran
based PAW and PAW++.  It's published by Cern as part of Cernlib (I think).  

It's an analysis package, analagous to Gnuplot.  I don't think that it does any
network stuff at all, so I don't think that security is an issue.

Having this package in Debian would be a tremendous asset.  

Craig Steffen

current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord 

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