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OSD && DFSG - a conclusion

Russell Nelson <nelson@crynwr.com> writes:

> I don't want this discussion to drag on forever, going round and
> round, covering the same ground, beating a dead horse, and overusing
> cliches and stock phrases.  It sure looks like there's sufficient
> interest in the idea of evolving the OSD && DFSG in a common
> direction, and maybe even making them the same document.


I just read the whole thread, and the only person that seemed to be
advancing that idea was you.

Perhaps this is the reason you have such difficulty understanding the
idea of decision by consensus.

If any consensus was to be extracted from the thread, I would say that
it was that most people could not see the point in convergence,
because Debian would always reserve the right to interpret the
document as guidelines, and anyway has no commitment to package
everything that qualifies, whereas OSI would always want to apply it
as a US constitution style final word.

> For right now, though, it seems that the DFSG isn't going to change
> at any price.  Once Debian goes through the process of even figuring
> out HOW to modify the social contract, then the subject is worth
> bringing up again.

Hmm, I doubt it, since the fundamental differences of interpretation &
motivation are what's important here.

I don't expect that any wording change would ever result in APSL
covered software being admitted.  Would the OSI contemplate either a
wording change, or decision reversal to compromise in the opposite
direction?  I somehow doubt it.

> In the meantime, I'm going to send proposed licenses for the OSI
> Certified mark to both debian-legal and license-discuss with a
> mail-followup-to license-discuss.

That seems fair enough.

> And I'd appreciate it if there were more Debian folks on the
> license-discuss list.  We *do* listen to the members of that list,
> so join it if you want to have more influence over the licenses that
> become approved for the OSI Certified mark.  Send any piece of email
> to license-discuss-subscribe@opensource.org.

BTW Is there any possibility of reversing a decision on an already
approved license via this list?

Cheers, Phil.

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