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OSD && DFSG - a conclusion

I don't want this discussion to drag on forever, going round and
round, covering the same ground, beating a dead horse, and overusing
cliches and stock phrases.  It sure looks like there's sufficient
interest in the idea of evolving the OSD && DFSG in a common
direction, and maybe even making them the same document.  For right
now, though, it seems that the DFSG isn't going to change at any
price.  Once Debian goes through the process of even figuring out HOW
to modify the social contract, then the subject is worth bringing up

In the meantime, I'm going to send proposed licenses for the OSI
Certified mark to both debian-legal and license-discuss with a
mail-followup-to license-discuss.

And I'd appreciate it if there were more Debian folks on the
license-discuss list.  We *do* listen to the members of that list, so
join it if you want to have more influence over the licenses that
become approved for the OSI Certified mark.  Send any piece of email
to license-discuss-subscribe@opensource.org.

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