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Re: OSD && DFSG - a conclusion

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

    Philip> Russell Nelson <nelson@crynwr.com> writes:
    >> I don't want this discussion to drag on forever, going round
    >> and round, covering the same ground, beating a dead horse, and
    >> overusing cliches and stock phrases.  It sure looks like
    >> there's sufficient interest in the idea of evolving the OSD &&
    >> DFSG in a common direction, and maybe even making them the same
    >> document.

    Philip> Really?

    Philip> I just read the whole thread, and the only person that
    Philip> seemed to be advancing that idea was you.

I didn't advance that idea on list but actually think that it could be
a good idea to clarify bugs in the DFSG.  I think it would be a lot of
effort and don't want to lead that effort, but if someone does want to
lead that effort and spend the necessary time I would not want to
stand in their way.

I do think it is important that whoever leads that effort be a member
of the Debian community not an outsider.

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