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Re: OSD && DFSG - different purposes

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Rafn <dagon@dagon.net> writes:

    >> It seems to be a question based on the false idea that the DFSG
    >> is intended to be taken literally and without interpretation,
    >> though.  The DFSG is fairly useless without being augmented by
    >> human judgement.

    Mark> It could even be counterproductive to use the same document
    Mark> in different ways, as it might increase the number of people
    Mark> who say "my software meets all your guidelines as I see
    Mark> them, you have to prove otherwise or distribute my
    Mark> software."

Except I can see these people's point.  If I were a company that was
being disadvantaged because I could not get what I believed to be
DFSG-free software in Debian, I'd certainly look at options to make
people who I thought were being unreasonable reinterprit DFSG.

I'd start with options within the project including going up to the
level of getting a GR passed if necessary.

But if I thought the project was being unreasonable in interpreting
its social contract, I would certainly consider action against people
charged with upholding that contract.

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