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Re: OSD && DFSG - different purposes

> It seems to be a question based on the false idea that the DFSG is
> intended to be taken literally and without interpretation, though.  The
> DFSG is fairly useless without being augmented by human judgement.

This is the defining difference, to me, between the two documents.  OSD is
a definition, and is expected to be applied as literally as possible.  
DFSG are guidelines, and requre judgement to be applied.

It could even be counterproductive to use the same document in different 
ways, as it might increase the number of people who say "my software meets 
all your guidelines as I see them, you have to prove otherwise or 
distribute my software."

Are there specific divides among the community you seek to address?  It 
might be advantageous to examine some software that is OSD-free but not 
Debian-free, or vice versa, or to talk more generally about the motivation 
for amending differences in the documents.  The answer may be to simply 
maintain a FAQ somewhere about the differences.
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