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Re: OSD && DFSG convergence

On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 12:55:05PM -0500, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Hi.  I'm the vice-president of the Open Source Initiative, and I'm
> writing to you today in that stead.

In another message, you asked if there were some substantive differences
between the OSD and the DFSG.  I can say, yes there are, even if not
immediately visible at the surface.

For one, I would point to clause 12.1(c) of the APSL.  It states that your
license to use any and all APSL code terminates if you ever "commence an
action for patent infringement against Apple."  This, to me, is an onerous
requirement -- if Apple has violated your patent, even in a completely
unrelated matter, the fact that you exercise your legal right to defend your
patent shouldn't impact your right to use Open Source software.

Another example is the RealNetworks Public Source license, which
discriminates based on "personal use".

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