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Re: license questions.

> wow wow wow.... oki sorry for the offense and that i pissed on your
> knee.

You didn't piss on anyones knee. Oh, maybe in this mail you did. Not mine 

> i just wanted to know about 'possible other solutions' and i was
> sent here by some debian people because they told me that i may find
> answers here.

Don't say you didn't! :) I'm sure you know more about... well, you surely 
know more about the debial-legal list now than you used to!

> i just decided to release bins only or simply forget what i planned to
> do. it's better for your health, better for the health of the people
> here on the list and better for the masses outside.

I don't know about the masses outside (can't see them from my window, you 
know) but my health is not really affected. If yours is, by all means, 
release bin only. 

> at the final end it's not the matter of some opensource like licenses or
> freedom. at the final end it's the user himself. if you release some-
> thing for free you get a shitload of new friends if you don't they flame
> you until you get totally pissed off. i sometimes ask myself if it's all
> worth it sitting at home investigating into things for basically nothing
> because there are some suckers outside that have nothing better to do to
> force their shit on you.

Wow. You've really had to deal with some ill-tempered users, haven't you? 
That's sad, really. However, if I may, I think that if you're looking for 
users that can provide constructive critisism and even patches, true open 
source/free software licensing is brilliant. Binary only, closed source or 
something else would not be as good.

But alas, it's your call completely. Granted, proprietary software can have 
advantages for some folks. It made Bill Gates the richest man in the world.

/Fredrik Persson

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