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Re: license questions.

Ali Akcaagac <ali.akcaagac@stud.fh-wilhelmshaven.de> wrote:

>                                                                people
> like you are not worth the effort of writing any software. 

Re-email my messages.  They were not impolite.
>                                                            something
> that pisses me more off than knowing that you can fork stuff is. to know
> that people like you are using it.

Then rest assured that I will do my best to _not_ use it, if that's what
you want.  On the other hand, you may use what I wrote.  I have no
problem with that.  It's free software.

> my apologizes and big excuses for everyone else on this list. my main
> intention wasn't to start a flame or become offensive but i don't
> tollerate to be pissed off like this by anyone.

I see that you are unhappy to be told that Open Source software doesn't
mean what you thought it meant.  Happy closed-source hacking; it's true
you'll get less feedback and therefore less demand on your time.


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