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Re: cdrdao license issues show that cdrtools package is non DFSG, too?

Scripsit Anthony DeRobertis <asd@suespammers.org>

> defaults.c is also under the plain GPL. There is a comment block about
> this:

> /*
>  * WARNING you are only allowed to change this filename if you also
>  * change the documentation and add a statement that makes clear
>  * where the official location of the file is why you did choose a
>  * nonstandard location and that the nonstandard location only refers
>  * to inofficial cdrecord versions.

> Considering the file is under the GPL, this doesn't make any sense
> whatsoever.

Um, isn't this just a clarification of GPL 2(a)? True, it's marginally
more strict than what the GPL says (namely, the GPL does not require
pointing to the original version) but the difference is not so big as
to "make no sense whatsoever".

Henning Makholm        "De er da bare dumme. Det skal du bare sige til dem."

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